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How to connect miniature circuit breaker (MCB) for DC 12-1000V?

What is the DC miniature circuit breaker (MCB)?

The functions of DC MCB and AC MCB are the same. They both protect electrical appliances and other load equipment from overload and short-circuit problems, and protect the circuit safety. but the usage scenarios of AC MCB and DC MCB are different. It generally depends on whether the voltage used is alternating current states or direct current states. Most of DC MCB uses some direct current systems like new energy, solar PV, etc. The voltage states of DC MCB is generally from DC 12V-1000V.

The difference between AC MCB and DC MCB by only physical parameters, the AC MCB has labels of the terminals as LOAD and LINE terminals whereas the DC MCB will have positive (+) or negative (-) sign on its terminal.

How to connect DC MCB correctly?

Due to the DC MCB has a marking of ‘+’ and ‘-’ symbol only, it is often easy to connect incorrectly. If the DC miniature circuit breaker is connected or wired incorrectly, there are possibilities of problems occurring. In case of overload or short circuit, the MCB will not be able to cut the current and put out the arc, this may lead to the breaker burning out.

Therefore, DC MCB has a marking of ‘+’ and ‘-’ symbols, still need to mark the circuit direction and wiring diagrams, as shown below:


2P  550V


4P  1000V

According to the wiring diagram, 2P DC MCB has two wiring methods, one is the top is connected to the positive and negative poles, another method is the bottom is connected to the positive and negative poles as the marking of ‘+’ and ‘-’. For 4P 1000V DC MCB has Three wiring methods, according to different usage states, to choose the corresponding wiring diagram to connect the wiring.

Does AC MCB apply to DC states?

The AC current signal is continuously changing its value for each second. The AC voltage signal changes from positive to negative in every second of a minute. The MCB arc will be extinguished at 0 Volts, the wiring will be protected from a huge current. But the DC signal is not alternating, it flows in a constant state and the value for the voltage is only changed when the circuit is trip OFF or the circuit is decreased by some value. Otherwise, the DC circuit will supply a constant value of voltage for each second of a minute. So, as there is no 0 Volt point in a DC state, it doesn’t suggest that AC MCB applies to DC states.


RCCB is used in the elevator system

— Protecting your safety is our responsibility


RCCB: Residual Current Circuit Breaker. Type: A and AC.

RCCB is aimed to used to protect the equipment from electric leakage and to protect people from dangerous electric shock.

Installing RCCB in the circuit will protect personnel from the risk of electric shock. Therefore, it is a good and reliable to install RCCB in your electrical circuit.

Our friends from Turkey used our RCCB with Schneider products in their elevator system to ensure the safety of the elevator and every passenger in the elevator.

The RCCB sensitive test button is shown in the video feedback. There is a test button in each RCCB. Testing the RCD every 3 months enables detection of any event that may have impaired its operation.If the RCCB is in normal operation, it will automatically trip when the small button is pressed.

Protecting your safety is our responsibility. Tongou electrical want to be your safe and reliable low voltage partners.


The next energy age belongs to…

With the development of industry, people pay more and more attention to environmental protection. Solar energy has become the most ideal new energy at present.

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Modern solar thermal technology polymerized sunlight and used its energy to produce hot water, steam and electricity.In addition to using appropriate technology to collect solar energy, buildings can also take advantage of the Solar energy and thermal by adding the suitable equipment to the design.

The direct current miniature circuit breaker is one of the most important components in PV system. Its stable and reliable operation will guarantee the safely of the entire power system directly.

Different from ordinary AC network MCB , DC network MCB mainly adopt special arc extinguishing and current limiting systems, which can quickly break down the fault current of the DC distribution system, make differential cooperate gets greatly improved.In power systems with large capacity and high voltage in power plants and substations, the DC system provides reliable power for relay protection, operation control, signal sound and accident lighting.

As one of the most beautiful countries in Oceania, New Zealand attaches great importance to environmental protection and is committed to the development of new energy. Nowadays, solar energy is becoming more and more popular in New Zealand.

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Our New Zealand customers are also applying the environmentally friendly solar PV system to his workshop and the built dome.Domes are the most efficient shape for housing providing incredible resistance to high winds and physical impact risk.The fast built outdoor dome without any other power supply system and uses 100% solar power.The high efficiency solar panels are embedded under the glass, and then the corresponding PV system is installed. which can store the solar energy into the battery, convert the solar energy into electrical energy, input into the interior of the building and the power supply, so that some remote areas can use the refrigerator, TV, computer and microwave normally. Furnace and other electrical appliances with free electricity.

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DC Circuit Breaker plays an important role here, mainly used in the circuit of the DC working environment and electrical equipment connected to the terminal over current and short circuit protection, also used for open circuit circuit in dc system function. It is the same as the faucet used in our daily life. The faucet is controlled by the faucet. The current is controlled by a DC circuit breaker.

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TOMC7-63 DC miniature circuit breaker features a flame-retardant shell, it has the advantages of high temperature resistance, not easily deformed or worn. High quality contacts and reasonable opening distance ensure low resistance, longer circuit breakers life and high breaking capability, fastness and clear printing.The safely visible indicator design, the green indicator window when the switch is closed, and the red indication window when the switch is turned on.

Enjoy the 5 years long warranty, any quality problem to provide free services around the world express replacement directly. We don’t just sell products, we want to deliver products that truly perform.Spare no effort to put into the cause of world green environmental protection, reduce the consumption of non-renewable energy.

2018 Outbound Learning Show

We studied the“industry 4.0” in a well-known local enterprises, like Huayi Group, Saint Angelo Group and so on. These are efficient, high-tech production, passionate, objective and great companies, our pleasure to get the lessons from their CEO, about the business’ experience, the enterprise culture, product development and how to benefit society.

we never stop to learn and rethink that how to improve our products’ quality , company ‘s management, and specialty of our electric products ( MCB, RCCB, MCCB, ACB, Contactors)

Our mission to do electricity safety of the safest electric products on worldwide, to make people’s life away from electricity harm. What you focus on is what becomes powerful.

2018 Outbound Learning Show
2018 Outbound Learning Show
2018 Outbound Learning Show
2018 Outbound Learning Show
2018 Outbound Learning Show
2018 Outbound Learning Show
2018 Outbound Learning Show
2018 Outbound Learning Show

How to control the circuit of the household and similar use?

How to control the circuit of the household and similar use?

These days, almost every home, hotel, and office building uses a consumer unit switch box. Considering that it is the center of the wring system, this is where all electricity in every building is controlled and distributed. With the increasing rate of building fires triggered by faulty consumer units, it is necessary to ensure that you choose the right brand. At TONGOU, we do not compromise on safety. Our products go through several rounds of testing and qualifications, so that you can be rest assured.

Our consumer units contain the Miniature Circuit Breakers, popularly known as MCBs, and the Residual Current Devices or RCDs. Both have gone through and passed several quality assurance tests, from manufacturing to installation.

The MCB is an automatic electromagnetic device that automatically turns off a circuit when it detects a current higher than the stipulated value. Its job is to protect your house from dangerous effects of electrical malfunctioning. The MCB is similar in size and function to a regular fuse, but the MCB is proven to provide more real-time protection. When the MCB trips due to an extremely high current, you can always switch it back on manually as it comes with an easy-to-use and flexible switch, unlike fuses that have to be replaced each time.

The RCD, also known as the Residual Current Circuit Breaker, or RCCB automatically cuts off electricity from a circuit in the event of an electric shock. It also works in case of a fire outbreak, shutting off electricity that could make matters worse. RCDs are designed to provide personal protection, something that MCBs are not made to do. For instance, if you accidentally touch a live wire, the RCD is automatically tripped to prevent further damage or injury. Each RCD within your consumer unit consistently monitors electric current flowing through one or more circuits it is attached to. Immediately it detects electricity flowing down a strange path, it triggers a response to switch off the affected circuits.

Our consumer units are designed in such a way as to ensure maximum safety and ease of installation. The box itself is designed to aid smooth wiring and installation of all the components, such as the MCBs and RCDs, and complementing wires. The busbar is creatively designed to ensure that the devices cannot be incorrectly installed. The entire process can be figured out without any trouble.

Our Consumer Units measure up to our production hallmarks of novel design, excellent workmanship and reliable quality.

Like every product we’ve made, they come with standard approval from CE, SEMKO, CB, CCC and ISO9001 quality system certificate, amongst others. With over 20 years of manufacturing the best electrical devices, we sure know what we’re talking about.

Protect your life, and your building, from electrical dangers today. Buy TONGOU.

TONGOU… For 100% assurance of electrical safety.


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