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ELEKTRO 2019 (EXPO CENTR) In Moscow, Russia

Power Electronics Exhibition

This is the fourth time we have come to Moscow to participate in the Power Electronics Exhibition. It shows our love for this city and this country. At this exhibition, we still maintain a consistent belief.

We believe in being a flexible, customer-driven partner.

We believe in speed-to-market.

This time, we continued to update many circuit protection products. Such as B-type RCCB – TORD6B, A-type RCCB – TORD4A, and DC MCB – TODCMC7, which are widely acclaimed in the field of EV PV. And 2P Electromagnetic type RCBO – TOBD5, 1P+N Electronic type 6KA RCBO – TOBN1.

In special about 6KA RCBO – TOBN1, which has CB, CE and SAA certificates, and passed Victoria reverse connection test, the strictest testing for RCBO in Australia.

We believe everything starts and ends, with quality.

We believe that no matter the size of the project, it deserves the very best.

When clients came to our booth and picked up our products, I saw the expression on his face as if to say, “Is this 1P MCB so heavy?”

An electrician from Russia had bought a lot of products on our online stores and then came to our booth, hoping to learn more about our other products. He told us that our products are very good. Both details and the quality of the parts.

We believe in delivering value through innovation.

We believe in becoming an extension of our customers’ teams.

When clients asked us about the advantages of the product, asked: “ Why should we choose your company over others? ”. We presented them with thick testing reports and patents.  And we present them with a unique look designed by our engineers, discussed face-to-face with them and propose the best solutions for their concerns.

We have gained a lot from this exhibition, and I believe that you have also gained a lot from coming to the exhibition.

We will continue to improve ourselves and look forward to meeting and talking to you next time.


Moscow Exhibition 2018

We attended the “Moscow Exhibition 2018” at April 2018 in Russian again, this is our 3rd time.

Every time we update the new products at the Exhibition, and this time we displayed our newest series “ Electric Artisan” – TOMC5, TOMC7 mini circuit breaker and TORD4, TORD5 Residual current circuit breaker and other power safety series. Tongou electrical Focus on the electricity safety production and research over 25 years, as the ingenious look and quality, many clients come to visit our booth and inquiry the details, like the EKF which is famous company in the local, EATON Electric and LEGRAND Electric company, which are famous worldwide, and some clients asked for the samples for testing at our booth. We always try to developing and researching the more better safety and mounting electric products, to make the world more safe. To make the poor place more safer, no more hurts from the electric shock, electrical equipment explosion and Burning as the poor circuit, they should to get more protection and good circuit breakers.

To stay true to our mission, insisting on producing superior quality products to keep electricity safety for each users.

2017 Russia electric exhibition

We were honored to join in the Russian electric exhibition at the Moscow international exhibition center in April 2017.The weather was still winter on April, We just arrived SHEREMETYEVO airport when it began to snow,and we left the airport to the hotel, the snowflakes floated down and disappeared on us ceaselessly.then we checked in and started to arrange the booth immediately.
It spent 4 days from the booth arrangement to the end of exhibition, we had many meetings with Russian clients,and surrounding countries’ clients. They were really interested in our circuit breaker series products,like mini circuit breaker(MCB), Residual current circuit breaker(RCCB), residual current circuit breaker with over current protection (RCBO) and contactors. Some famous exhibitors also came to our booth, Like EKF, CHINT, IEK, TDM, LS and so on. They liked our products’ appearance of own design, and praised our quality. We are looking forward to providing our best quality products and services to our more and more clients. The Red Square is a very nice place, and Russian is very kind and obliging, it was very nice time and memory in Russia. We will coming back soon, Russia.